So it looks like law enforcement and their charts after the initial Project MAGOT-MASTIF arrests were correct. Cavaliere was the facilitator of the new relationship between Leonardo & Stefano and the Hells & the Syndicate Street Gang and was pretty much the origin piece that the "leadership table" spreaded out from.

The Scoppas were targeted by I'm assuming Leonardo, Stefano & Gregory Woolley, as a way to cement their grasp on the city, it was called off. The main guys were indicted and arrested, and then we get a full scale war. Now idc, how many people dislike me after this, this article shows I was right to first question the involvement of the Scoppas in all this, when shit first hit the fan. As were a few others.

This also shows that the Scoppas sat on the leadership table or "the alliance" alongside Cavaliere, Rizzuto & Sollecito, Cazzetta & Woolley, but that they may not have been all that well liked. Clearly, they posed a threat to Rizzuto & Sollecito.