Very interesting stuff gentlemen....

I've been saying that you should pay attention to who is in control of the narcotics. That's what will tell you who is in power, much more than the murders.

I've suspected that the HA are maybe the sleeping giant in Canada. What happens when they forge their own connect to Colombia? Which I think, they already have. Mom Boucher put down the " Marlo," method a long time ago, where you position yourself so that no narcotics can be moved on the street without it going through you. Plus, they have patched members, who lead street gangs themselves like Wooley, so they have influence with the gangs as well. You guys tell me, but that looks like a near monopoly on distribution, or at least, the HA control a great deal of it.

That's what gave em leverage to sit down with Vito in the first place, they controlled distribution. Now add in that they control PORTS, so now they call their own shot on IMPORTATION, AND EXPORT. See, look at this, WHY WOULD THEY STILL NEED ITALIANS?

This is the same dynamic that occurred with the Calabrians and Sicilians. People were like, where are the made guys? I'm like, it's all about the dope and coke. Is it, like, there are 150 PATCHED MEMBERS of the HA in Quebec, and this is why they are so strong? Fuck no, it's all about their relationship to the coke.
Until they became organized and marshaled their strength, they would have always been dependent on the Italians ability to provide narcotics, as the Italians depended on them to move said narcotics.
The same dynamics. If you control all the street level sales, have your own relationship to the suppliers in Colombia, ( or Mexico), you call your own shot. If the port of Vancouver is available, it sort of undermines the importance of controlling the Montreal port, UNLESS you are trying to get stuff into NY.

It's like narcotics has its own rules, that don't respect the rules of a criminal organization. You could be a Boss, but if I have a solid connection to dope or coke, I could probably make a business deal with an underling or one of your allies to betray you for money.

Seriously, this whole thing reminds me of the whole second season of Gommorah, lol with the factions, alliances made and broken, retaliations, peace offerings made and broken. Long time leaders gone to ground, waiting to strike...