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Some good insights about the reopening of the Quebec City Hells Angels chapter are contained in the article to which I've linked below. No bunker has been opened yet. There are some good photos that accompany the article.


According to the article, the Hells in the province have exclusive control of the drug trade in the eastern part of Quebec. As well, they are said to control 90% of the flow of drugs in Quebec City, principally cocaine.

One piece of information in the article that stuck out for me is the establishment of an HA chapter in the province of New Brunswick by a former Quebec City HA. The Hells may be furthering their trafficking activity; they seem to be not only importing drugs in eastern Canada's maritime ports but also exporting drugs--for now this is true of the Port of Halifax.

I agree it is a very insightful article. It seems that they have cornered all three ports in eastern Canada; Halifax, Montreal and Quebec. The efforts of years past by Mom Boucher and Walter Stadnick in expanding the HA throughout Canada have come to fruition. While the Italian OC's are killing themselves in Montreal HA are plant new flags in other regions of Canada.

True they also infiltrated Vancouver's port a long time ago.