I've been saying in all of my posts that it wasn't over. And even though as Sonny pointed out, we don't know for sure that it was finally some retaliation from Rizzuto/Sollecito group, I have a feeling it is. I still think that much like when things first started when Vito went away, there was no retaliation, but that didn't mean that it was over as most news outlets reported. So many at that time said it was over for the Rizzuto group. But the group didn't hand over any of there rackets, they just went to ground and calculated for the opportune time to strike back. Today, there are too many from the inner circle of the Rizzuto's left to have said they were done this time around as well.

As many of us said, if Arcadi and Del Baso stick with the Rizzuto/Sollecito's, this thing is far from over... Didn't Del Baso just get out of prison last week?

Didn't Del Baso just get out 1 week ago?