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Interesting to say the least.

Does anyone know if gallo has any sons or brothers that may be continuing his legacy ?

He has a son Anthony Gallo and brother-in-law Tony Papa mentioned in the article below.



For years I also thought that Tony Papa was Gallo's brother-in-law because Papa was reported to be married to a Micheline Gallo, supposedly the sister of Moreno. But a couple of months ago I came upon a retraction in La Presse that stated Papa was not Moreno Gallo's brother-in-law. I'll try to dig up this item when I get home late tonight.

Another error about Tony Papa that I found on the Net is that he is sometimes confused with Antonio Papalia. We recall that Vito Rizzuto had connections to the Calabrian-Canadian brothers Roberto and Antonio Papalia, who at a certain point in their stock-promoter careers moved out to British Columbia. Papa, of course, is himself known as a stock promoter.