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There is also another point to be considered here,if and when this feud between the Montreal Calabrian clan and the Rizzuto clan comes to an end or a settlement. What will become of the Arcuri clan ? Will they have a seat at the table ? The Arcuri's did betray both clans.
The Rizzuto's & company will certainly want their revenge.

Are the Arcuri brothers even considered influential leaders in the Italian underworld in Montreal at the moment?

What confuses me is whether the eventual undisputed group of leaders in Montreal (undisputed for the most part) will consist of any made men or not. Which Italian groups in Quebec and Ontario will recognize the members of this roundtable as being the equivalent of made men? Because if these roundtable members are not made men, they can have their territory taken away by made men from other territories and can be killed by made men from other territories. On the other hand, made men in the Montreal Mafia and outside of Montreal started realizing at a certain point that the rules went out the window, i.e., made men are legitimate targets for assault and murder by non-made guys who didn't even obtain permission first to kill made guys. Who knows what claims Arcadi will make of the roundtable if he isn't made its leader, let alone be placed on it? In answer to his claims, the roundtable will probably clip him.

Are there other posters who, like me, think that the Montreal mob war would never have started if Sal Montagna hadn't been introduced to Raynald Desjardins?

I wonder, too, whether Desjardins and Mirarchi had planned from the very beginning to usurp power from anyone like Montagna who was going to make a grab for all the power. And was Desjardins hoping to see Mirarchi (not made) in the godfather role or Jos Di Maulo (made)? Assuming Di Maulo showed neutrality because he had no interest in getting involved in the war, do we think he was upset because his made status would be diluted if Desjardins, Mirarchi, and their loyalists achieved their goal of running Montreal? Or do we think that Di Maulo's made status didn't mean anything to him anymore, regardless of whether Desjardins was acting on his behalf?

By the way, are polls enabled for this forum? I'd like to create a poll asking posters what they think were the main catalysts for the war.