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What I find strange with the Montreal Bonanno made group led by Montagna(dead),which was comprised of Arcuri brothers(exiled)/ JoeRenda(dead)/Lopresti(dead)/Pietrantonio(wounded)/Gallo(dead), wanted to overtake the Rizzuto clan and did not have the muscle to do it.
Correct me if I am wrong but I did not see or read in the news, any retaliation from that group. They received a lot of incoming
but did not mount any substantial attacks.

They certainly had the muscle to remove both Nicolo Sr & Jr. from the picture, but as said, once they began to turn their targets onto the non-mafia members whom were once a part of Rizzuto's group, their retaliations stopped after Montagna tried to have Desjardins killed. After the point they were simply running scared.