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It seems that for some of the guys in Montreal, whether they were made or not, being a made Bonanno meant something. Maybe that's why a non-Sicilian like Moreno Gallo aligned himself with Montagna?

Ofcourse, they were following Mafia protocol. I've being saying that is what I (firmly) believed for years. Isn't it interesting that almost all of the known Bonanno affiliates (excluding the Rizzuto-Renda-[BadWord] family members) sided with Montagna, who was the Bonanno emissary. I think that even Joe Di Maulo stayed neutral, or at least pretended to, during Montagna's fued with Desjardins. In addition, the people with Desjardins did not have a Bonanno affiliation, which is why Montagna wasn't able to bring them in, and in effect, wasn't able to become the uncontested leader of the Montreal Mafia.

"It was between the brothers Kay -- I had nothing to do with it."