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Joe Renda declared dead. He was the nephew of Gerlando Sciascia.


Renda's disappearance and likely murder show how there were people with ancestry from the Rizzutos' hometown, like Renda, who did not swear allegiance to the "Sixth Family" but, rather, to New York. He in particular appears to have betrayed Agostino Cun trera, to whom he had once been close.

Renda was born in New York and was a made Bonanno, likely made there. Before moving to Montreal and before Sciascia's murder in 1999, Renda would have come into contact with Sal Montagna and others in Montagna and Sciascia's circle, e.g., the aging mobster Giuseppe Arcuri, a made Bonanno and also from the Rizzutos' hometown, who died in 2001. Once in Montreal, Renda acted as its representative when he attended his uncle Gerlando's funeral in New York in 1999. Maybe Renda also acted as a go-between?

It took me close to four years to finally determine that Giuseppe Arcuri of New York is the brother of Domenico Arcuri Sr., the father of Domenico Arcuri Jr. and Antonino. Had I done some genealogical research shortly after Arcuri Sr.'s death in Florida in October 2012, I would have discovered that he and Giuseppe Arcuri had the same parents (Domenico and Filippa Arcuri); that Giuseppe and the parents had lived in the same household in New York during a certain period; that Giuseppe, his parents, and Gerlando had applied for their U.S. Social Security Number during a period of roughly three years (between 1955 and 1958); and that there is the possibility that Domenico Arcuri Sr. at one time was also living in New York with his parents and older brother Giuseppe before Domenico and his parents--as well as Domenico's other sibling(s)--moved to Montreal.

Apart from Gerlando's immigration matters, I don't know many of the reasons that the Arcuri clan and Sciascia clan had some members stay in New York, some move to Quebec, and some go back and forth. Gerlando's daughter, Donna, lives in the US with her husband and young son (Luciano); Gerlando's son, Joseph, lives in the Montreal area with his wife, and their son (Gerlando) is attending college in Poughkeepsie, New York--this grandson of Gerlando's very likely lives with his grandmother, Gerlando's wife, who lives in Yonkers.

Joseph Mark Sciascia, Gerlando'son, has at least one important business dealing with Domenico Arcuri Jr., who in turn still has an important business dealing with Raynald Desjardins (despite the friendship between the two that then turned into hatred).

It seems that for some of the guys in Montreal, whether they were made or not, being a made Bonanno meant something. Maybe that's why a non-Sicilian like Moreno Gallo aligned himself with Montagna?