Rizzuto's lawyer pleads guilty.

Long-time lawyer of the Rizzuto clan, Loris Cavaliere, received 34 months of incarceration after pleading guilty to charges of gangsterism and illegal possession of a gun on Wednesday afternoon at the courthouse from Montreal.
The 62-year-old man was arrested on November 19, 2015 during a police roundup targeting alleged leaders of the Montreal mafia, Hells Angels and street gangs, as well as several alleged traffickers grouped in an "alliance" The control of the narcotics market.
After lengthy negotiations, the prosecution and the defense agreed on the terms of the penitentiary sentence they asked Judge Pierre Labelle to impose on Mr. Cavaliere.
A suggestion that the magistrate considered "reasonable". The charge of gangsterism means that the criminal will have to serve at least half of his sentence before he hopes for parole.
Knowing that he would go straight to the prison, the fallen lawyer appeared in court wearing a sweater and gray cotton sweat pants. With a beard, he also brought with him personal belongings in an olive green bag.
The charge of conspiracy to the cocaine trafficking against him was withdrawn as a result of these negotiations between the parties.

Mafia Consigliere
The criminalist notably played the role of consigliere (counselor) Rizzuto clan since the abduction of Paolo Renda, the brother in-law of the deceased godfather Vito Rizzuto, missing since May 2010.
He served as a "moderator of potential conflicts at the mafia leadership table and facilitator with the top managers since regular meetings with members of the alliance were held at his office," said Chief Inspector Patrick Bélanger , Of the Sûreté du Québec, during a press conference following this anti-drug operation.
In order to substantiate their evidence during the investigation, the police exceptionally obtained permission from the courts to install cameras and microphones in the lawyer's office for approximately one year without the knowledge of the lawyer, Believed that it was immune to electronic wiretaps in downtown Montreal.
Shortly before the criminal was handcuffed, a Molotov cocktail was launched through the door of the offices of his firm Cavaliere et Associés, located on Saint-Laurent Boulevard on September 29, 2015.
At the time of his arrest, the officers also seized at his office a semi-automatic pistol of Walther P99 brand and 9 mm caliber, whose serial number had been altered.
Mr. Cavaliere was granted provisional release after spending two weeks behind bars in Rivière-des-Prairies Prison for a bond totaling $ 300,000.
He also had to give up the practice of law until further notice, another exceptional measure imposed at the insistence of the Crown, in addition to being assigned to his residence 24 hours a day.
In 2004, Loris Cavaliere defended Vito Rizzuto during the extradition proceedings he faced in connection with his role in the murders of three American mafiosi committed in 1981 in New York State. The godfather could not escape American justice and had to spend six years behind bars in this case before his death from lung cancer in December 2013.
Cavaliere also represented Nicolo Rizzuto, Vito's father and patriarch of the Rizzuto clan, following his arrest in Operation Colosseum by the RCMP in 2006. The octogenarian was assassinated in his residence by a shooter, November 2010.

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