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Great articles Ciment and Anti.

Clearly there's a strong relationship between the cities, as noted by Renaud previous article, and different cells and people will work together for the main purpose of money and power.

As you mentioned in the past antimafia, the Siderno group seems to be split or have different opinions on how to handle the Montreal situation.

Its a very complex web of relationships.

As for Sollecito, if he isn't paying his debts, that tells me alot about his supposed role as the head and lack of respect other clans have towards him. Such things wouldn't of happened under Vito or Vic.

If were are to take this journalist at his word that Stefano is very ill and can't make payments.I do find peculiar that no one in Stefano's camp was assigned to continue payments. Could it be that Carmelo Cannistraro being involved in all of this decided to keep the money ? or is there betrayal in the ranks ?
I agree,something doesn't seem right.

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