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Some on the forum find it hard to believe that the GTA has become that important.

Toronto and Ontario are the economic capital of Canada
It's the most populated province
It's also the most wealthy
The Italian population in Ontario is nearly triple the size compared to Quebec, therefore the criminal element is not insignificant
The pentito Costa claimed that the ndrangheta now has the power in Canada, which evidently is playing a role in Montreal as they seek to stabilize the province.

The GTA families don't necessarily need or want to control Montreal but they will definitely have interest in the port and distribution networks as they can benefit from multiple access points which will benefit them and the cosa nostra.

Toronto has also demonstrated a more relaxed and less turbulent relationship between elements of cosa nostra from Palermo-Siculiana and various Ndrangheta cells.

With all the facts you mentioned, the writing is on the wall.
Whether one likes it or not, things get decided in Toronto/GTA.
You have Mafia & Ndrangheta leaders from Italy & Albanian leader that come to Toronto. The Caruana/Cun trera moved to Toronto. This is where business now takes place.