In the article they mention the following alliance to control drug territory. The following is taken from the article:

Belanger said Cavaliere, a lawyer who has represented many organized crime figures, is facing gangsterism and trafficking charges.

He was described as a “facilitator” and “moderator” whose office allegedly served as a hub for decision-making for the three groups.

“This criminal alliance was born of a desire to control the territory, particularly in terms of drug trade and, more particularly for Montreal, to create revenue sharing (among them),” Belanger said.

Police say the investigation was conducted in three stages — the first looked at the links among street gangs, the Hells Angels and the Mafia following Vito Rizzuto’s death as they worked together to control territory and maintain distribution.

“All the profits were divided among this alliance and all the decisions were made by this alliance,” said Dubé, a lead investigator in the mixed squad that took part in Thursday’s operation.

The second stage followed the money trail, while the third looked at the conspiracy to kill Desjardins.

This is how I derived at the conclusion that they conspired together including the Mafia under the leadership of Leonardo.
With regards to HA they will go with whichever group that will win this war. They couldn't care less who it is because it is all about money. If I understand correctly, Boucher is in isolation, that would explain why his daughter was used for communication purposes.
Your entitled to your opinion but Renaud is one journalist among others to believe that the Rizzuto rivals,Ndrangheta and HA may have struck an alliance.