There wasn't anything in Project MAGOT-MASTIF that pointed to Leonardo Rizzuto having involvement in the Boucher attempt on Desjardins. From what was said about it, in the indictment, was that Boucher was going through his daughter, who then would go to Woolley, whom would then facilitate said orders on the street. It's possible Leonardo could've had involvement but neither he nor Stefano were ever stated by authorities to have been involved. Either way, the arrest of Cazzetta along with Cavaliere, Sollecito, Rizzuto & Woolley, and the specific pyramid chart that had him as the money man of the operation, there was still a relationship between the Rizzuto group & The HA's. I'm not willing to believe just yet that the HA's have cut all ties and just jumped ship to some 'Ndrangheta groups.

And Renaud seems to believe Stefano Sollecito is continuing this war by himself through his refusal to cede control of some lucrative sports betting to his enemies. He also might be alluding to the "enemies" being the ones who may have these contracts hanging over their heads, that is further implicated in the mention of Ali Awada being the latest among the casualities , and his link to the Scoppa & Sucapane clans. If i'm interpreting the article correctly, and I may not be, then wouldn't that mean the demise of the remaining clan of Rizzuto was somewhat exaggerated, if the belief is that Stefano Sollecito is the one whos making this war continue? If he's got contracts on guys, and guys are still dying, and he has yet to cede his controlling interest of the lucrative bookmaking rackets over to those whom are against him and his group. Whats keeping his enemies from just removing him from the picture?