@ Pmac

Actually Pmac is onto something there... It's something I've touched on before.... With the border politics being what they are currently, and when NORMALIZED relations with Cuba happen, reopening the Caribbean route, like YOU HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION TO THIS STUFF TO UNDERSTAND what's happening in NY and Canada, and even Italy.

It's something I was trying to get you guys to look at before.

THINK ABOUT IT: What does it mean to Ndrangheta if a Mexican cartel gets a foothold in Europe?

What does it mean for the Mexican cartels if the primary route for coke into the US reverts back to the Caribbean, and the end points of this route are controlled by Calabrians? ( In both NY, where the Mexican presence is not so strong, and Canada..)

Now look at the NY arrest in THAT context. ( with the Mexicans based in Costa Rica as opposed to the border...) Look at Canada in THAT CONTEXT. ITS ALL ABOUT THE DRUG ROUTES. Whoever is in control of the routes runs the Mafia.

This is why in another thread I asked if the Zetas were even still a cartel, it's going to get more expensive to send coke over the border, and with drones and shit, maybe easier than ever to spot, actually. We'll see...

I know y'all seen some of Hollanders post? 8 tons of coke seized in Colombia. So much coke in the Netherlands they have to have OPEC style meetings to control prices. I think North America is becoming more and more important to the Calabrians, as Europe becomes totally saturated, And North America means New York as a transshipment point, Ontario and Montreal as territories/control centers.

Here a few questions I got guys, is Montreal a transhipment point to Europe, or are they MOVING COKE IN MONTREAL?

Would coke go from Colombia, TO Montreal, DOWN TO NY? ( This is why the Dominican Republic route is attractive I suspect..) Or would they send coke FROM Europe TO Montreal? Basically what conduit does Montreal coke come from?