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I knew the Scoppas would be revealed to be some big players within the Montreal Milieu, at least as far as drugs may go, and of course if you have a constant link to South America, and a steady flow of drugs coming in, your power starts to grow in other areas. I agree his movements is definitely reminiscent of Nick Sr and his relations with South American cartels after he joined the Caruana-C-u-n-trera's in Venezuela. Very interesting stuff.

And speaking on that recorded meeting with Vito & Robatile or however you spell his name, it's interesting that Vito brought Mucci along to that meeting. As I guess at that time with Vito around, Mucci's loyalty wasn't in question.

I remember hearing their name for the first time over ten years ago, more specifically Andrew. At the time, they had serious clout within Montreal and very few messed with them, including bikers or rival mobsters.

I would imagine that their influence over the last decade has grown due to all the arrests, murders and take-overs by rivals.

It would be interesting to see who they're allies are within Montreal and outside of Montreal

It's clearly an internal thing, but it was also very internal during 09-2013 as well ,with multiple groups vying for power.

Yes he was in the news years ago,he made his mark when stepping over HA turf. HA complained and Gallo was send there to smooth things down with HA. That's when boundaries were determined.