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I will definitely watch it, but unfortunately we all know it will have an open ending with many plot holes and loose ends, there is no way to avoid it any more, the only possibility has been lost when the dumb judge didn't give Raynald Desjardins a life sentence, that could "stimulate" him to rat. He was the only one who "could" (theoretically at least) tell enough to clarify how things really went in details.

I'll watch the show just to watch it. It is an interesting story and could be good if they do it right.

As for Desjardins, he could have gotten life and he wouldn't have flipped. It just ain't happening.

Whether your for or against,I agree with you he ain't flipping. He is one tough of a S.O.B

This guy was waging war and at the same time he manages to take a vacation to Italy and plan for his daughter's wedding.

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