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Whether this war is internal or not, if they are smart they should stop. All they are doing is weakening themselves to the point that the HA will be there to pick up the pieces.
I came across a book that I bought called " The Road to Hell" print 2003.
The book is about the Hells conquering Canada. There is a passage revealed by an informant working for the Hells that Mom Boucher wanted to wage a war with the Italians after they were done fighting with the Rock Machine. If true it goes to show you what their objectives were back then. Will the Cazzetta's and their cronies aspire to the same objective is something to think about ? Moms idea was to eliminate competition in the drug trade and the Italians, according to him, were their biggest competitors. He went as far as sending someone to film people going in and out of a Cotroni funeral.


Do you remember in which book there was a passage about a Hells Angels leader in Quebec -- Normand Robitaille, I think -- having met Vito Rizzuto at a restaurant in the early 2000s? The meeting was wiretapped. During the meeting, Rizzuto told the HA leader that if the Angels crossed Rizzuto, the mafia would give them more trouble than the Hells had seen with the Rock Machine.

Back in the early 2000s, I think Rizzuto's statement would have been true. I no longer think it's true because the Montreal Mafia organization, as you write, is being weakened.

On another topic, one that has been discussed in this thread and others, did anyone think that the following part of the article written by one of the Business or Blood co-authors in February 2015 (a few weeks after the publication of the book) seems odd now? (The article was published on Jerry Capeci's ganglandnews.com site.)

The crime family that Vito Rizzuto left behind after his sudden death 14 months ago remains relatively intact and is still the dominant underworld force in Montreal today. Its leaders are mostly Sicilians and are primarily in their forties and early 50s, and they have mended their connections to the 'Ndrangheta cells in Toronto.

It was the sixth family page 312.
In the book road to hell Mom Boucher did consider that they would be tougher but his long term plan was to wage war with the Italian but he said for the moment he will deal with them through diplomacy.
I believe he really thought he was indestructible.

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