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I've heard the bastone brothers mentioned in the past, but I don't know a whole lot about them. Does anybody know any more details about them, like do they operate independently as their own clan or part of a clan? who works for them?

This article may answer some of your questions:
Daniel Renaud La Presse
Published February 4, 2015 at 11:01 | Updated on February 05, 2015 at 07:21
A major organized crime cell dismantled by the RCMP
Behind the scenes at the Montreal courthouse, lawyers were even talking about an "imminent strike" just last week. When would the next long awaited phase of the major RCMP Clemenza investigation take place?

The answer came yesterday. Early in the morning, investigators from the Joint Organized Crime Unit (UMECO) struck at residential gates, especially in the Montreal area, and notified four suspects already detained from the first phase last June That further charges would be brought against them.

In total, 15 people, including the alleged ruling heads, brothers Patrizio and Pasquale Silvano, aged 50 and 53 respectively, were arrested. Two suspects, Mathieu Bouchard and Mike Di Battista, were still being sought at the time of writing.

The apprehended individuals appeared by video conference at the Montreal Courthouse. They face a myriad of charges: gangsterism, conspiracy, import, possession and trafficking of cocaine, as well as trafficking in cannabis resin.

The suspects are accused of plotting with dozens of unidentified individuals with nicknames as colorful as Beluga, Cowboy, Spider, Free Tibet, Fish, Dog, Eskimos, Frenchi and Lobster, among others, Apparently appearing on hundreds of text messages exchanged by the suspects and intercepted by the investigators.
An ambitious clan

According to the police, the cell of the Silvano brothers attempted to take control of the distribution of cocaine in the Maritimes and part of the Montreal area and Ontario. It worked hand in hand with two other cells dismantled during the June 2014 strike, those of the brothers Bastone and the late lieutenant of the mafia Giuseppe De Vito, even exchanging henchmen. According to our sources, the Bastone brothers are very close to Vittorio Mirarchi, former protégé of Raynald Desjardins accused with his former mentor of the murder of aspirant-godfather Salvatore Montagna.

Moreover, among the individuals arrested yesterday, we find Steven Fracas, another of the co-accused of Mirarchi and Desjardins.

According to our sources, the cell of the Silvano brothers took over from the D'Amico family in the area of ​​Granby, controlled territories in the sectors of Lachine and Ottawa and sold his drugs in Italian bars and cafes . His headquarters was a cafe on Jarry street, in the north of Montreal.
An ingenious process

One of the charges concerns an import of cocaine from Bogotá, Colombia. It is in fact a spectacular import of 10 kilos of cocaine mixed with asphalt powder, the seizure at the Montreal-Trudeau airport was announced by communique by the border services officers on October 26, 2011 In light of the events that occurred yesterday, there is reason to believe that Customs officers had received information from their federal colleagues in the RCMP.

The procedure to amalgamate the cocaine and the asphalt would have been developed by one of the defendants, Sébastien Flocari, true amateur chemist, and was intended to thwart sniffer dogs and mystify customs officers both Colombian and Canadian.

Cocaine, valued at 1.2 million, had been concealed in 10 bags of asphalt powder. It was intended for a company of refrigerated trailers, warehousing of all kinds and "import and distribution of raw materials" of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

Although it is in its third round of arrests, the Clemenza investigation is continuing.

The Clemenza survey

In an investigation of drug importers Cynique, in 2010, RCMP investigators intercept conversations between one of the suspects, Piero Arena, and one of the Silvano brothers. The Cynic survey also allows investigators to target another individual, Giuseppe Collapelle, who communicates with Vittorio Mirarchi and Raynald Desjardins. The RCMP is launching the Clemenza investigation, targeting several Mafia cells that are taking advantage of the weakening of the Rizzuto clan to gain momentum. Raynald Desjardins and his protégé Vittorio Mirarchi are already in the crosshairs of the RCMP when the aspirant-godfather Salvatore Montagna was killed on 24 November 2011 in Charlemagne. The evidence gathered by the RCMP is shared with the SQ. Desjardins and its alleged accomplices were arrested a month later, in what is a first phase of the Clemenza investigation, but which is renamed Inertia. This resounding case, however, leads to delays in the continuation of the Clemenza investigation.

14 June 2014

The RCMP strikes the cells of Giuseppe De Vito, the Bastone brothers, and some collaborators of the Desjardins and Mirarchi clans. This is the first official phase of Clemenza.

4 February 2015

The RCMP moved into Phase 2 and did not rule out another strike.
People arrested
Giuseppe Arcoraci, 49 years old, Lasalle
Davide Barberio, 35 years old, Rivière-des-Prairies
Antonio Bastone, 52 years old, Saint-Jean-de-Matha
Roberto Bastone, 42 years old, Laval
Jocelyne Daoust, 58 years old, Blainville
Alain Duhamel, 58 years old, Blainville
Sébastien Flocari, 37 years old, Longueuil
Steven Fracas, 30, incarcerated
Mona Hrtschan, 50, address unknown
Artur Klodkowski, 38, incarcerated
Stéphan Parent, 47, incarcerated
Pasquale Silvano, 53 years old, Laval-des-Rapides
Patrizio Silvano, 50 years old, Laval-des-Rapides
Luigi Simeone, 44 years old, Montreal
Jenica Teleu, 56 years old, Laval-des-Rapides
Mathieu Bouchard ... - image 3.0
Mathieu Bouchard

Suspects Still Wanted
Mathieu Bouchard, 37, address unknown
Mike Di Battista, 39, address unknown