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This obituary that Ciment has shared has the correct information about the number of sons and daughters that Domenico Violi and Annunziata "Nancy" Condina had: seven sons (Paolo, Rocco, Francesco, Giuseppe, Vincenzo, Antonio, and Stefano) and one daughter (Francesca).

Of those children, per the obituary, only Antonio and Stefano survive. I recently recall reading one article written on the day of Rocco Violi's funeral or shortly thereafter that the only males surviving were the patriarch, Domenico, and Rocco's brother "Silvio"--this Silvio was identified as being 41 years old (which would make him, depending on his date of birth, 77 or 78 years old today). I have concluded the reporter got Stefano's name wrong by identifying him as "Silvio"; the reporter obviously also had an incomplete family tree.

eurodave and I likely read the same French-language article, about the funeral, in which the three surviving brothers were identified as living in New York. I will try to find the source in which I read that only the brothers who were involved in organized crime followed Paolo to Canada. (I'm not at home.)

Rocco Violi and his wife, Filomena, had three children: Domenico, Rocco, and Nancy. The two sons got mentioned in articles about the murder and the funeral at the time--the two sons still get mentioned--presumably because Domenico and Rocco were present when their father was murdered. A May 23, 1985 public notice about an auction sale for a particular building, owned by Rocco Violi in some capacity, mentions the 50% stake respectively held by both the three children (minors at the time) and an Antonietta Barbino. My guess is that this Antonietta would be related to Rocco, as the Violis' first cousin Domenico Barbino was involved in the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III in Rome in 1973.

The public notice and Filomena Violi's attempts between November 1980 and October 1996 to seek compensation from the Quebec government's victims' crime fund lead me to believe that she and her children continued to live in Quebec between at least November 1980 and May 1985. They may have lived in Quebec up to at least October 1996 and--who knows?--may still be living in the province.

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