With regards to the Luppino/Violi I agree with you that they are an autonomous Ndrine and in normal circumstances don't need permission.The reason why I felt that they needed permission is that the Violi's on their own could not win a war against the Rizzuto's based on their size and manpower. In order to mount an effective attack they would of needed to form a coalition with one or more Ndrangheta clan and therefore would not strike without their consent. I don't think a coalition with the Violi's and any other clan from Montreal would of been enough but this is just an opinion of mine.
The Violi son's had moved to Hamilton when their father was murdered and were raised by the Luppino's be it the grandfather Giocomo or the Luppino uncles.Their father's actions in the 70's in my opinion would not undermine the Violi sons relation with the Commisso's based on the fact the Luppino's raised them. When their uncle Domenico Luppino married Rosetta Commisso that put the Violi's sons in a favorable position with the Commisso's. From the Emilia obituary we know that great grand kids (Bis nonna) exist this is why I stated that the Violi's and I emphasize could be first cousins with Remo Commisso's grand kids. The possibilty is there but just based on the marriage alone is enough to benefit the Violi sons.
Another factor to consider was the good relationship Bruzzese/Coluccio had with Rizzuto. I know it later deteriorated but while it lasted attacking the Rizzuto's would of been a problem.

On another note I too wondered what has become of Rocco kids. There is not much talk about them. I also find they do not talk about the other three Paolo Violi brothers that lived in Ohio. I seen an obituary of one of them but the other two may still be alive.