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Great post as always antimafia. Your posts on mafia in Canada are by far and away the most researched and interesting on this forum.

An opinion I also share.

In what may be a completely unrelated matter, in fact I think it is, other than the acknowledgement of their being mafia in Ontario. Over the course of the extortion trial for Giuseppe D'Anna of Detroit, it came out that he and his brother, Girolamo routinely met mafia members from Ontario at a Sapori restaurant in Washington Township. Some of the matters presumably discussed was Girolamo taking over Giuseppe's position as captain, in an acting capacity, should Giuseppe have to serve time stemming from this recent trial. It's something interesting, as at the very least it still goes to show that a relationship exists between the Detroit Mafia and mob figures in Ontario. The D'Annas have familial ties to Terrasini & their local mafia, and their cousin is as of most recent news, possibly the current mafia boss of the town. It's said the D'Anna family still control the town though. The blood family itself, I mean. And Girolamo visited there for over a month, during his brothers trial. Nothing of real relevance to current going-ons in Montreal, but it's still interesting, at least I think.

Was the reason to release Sollecito early in relation to his health? Because other than that, I just can't see why they'd let Stefano out, if they really do care about these guys being targets for hits and such. Also quite interesting that they'd let him out amidst all this but kept Arcadi & Del Balso locked up, supposedly "for their own safety."