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It will be interesting who will get clipped next as all these molotovs are pointing in one direction.

How many big names are left?

I don't know if these are considered big names, and I've probably missed a few as well because i'm doing this quickly and off the top of my head.

Rizzuto inner circle
-Leonardo Rizzuto
-Stefano Sollecito
-Giuseppe Sollecito
-Mario Sollecito
-Domenico Manno
-Liborio Manno
-Emanuele Ragusa
-Pat Ragusa
-Luigi Vella (son in law of e. Ragusa/bro. in law to nick jr.)
-Nicola Spagnolo

Others that could still support Rizzuto's
-Francesco Arcadi clan ( Francesco Del Baso, Giuseppe Torre, Carmelo Cannistraro)
-Liborio [BadWord] clan
-Vito Salvaggio (not sure where he fits in with regards to clans/associates, but I think he is a supporter)
-Marco Pizzi (seems like he is being attacked due to his association with the book, which sounds like rizzuto's/sollecito still control.)

Who am I missing?

Quite a few names there although some are higher ranking than others.

It would be smart for the remnants of the sicilian clan to just keep operating under the new powers much like the Cotroni clan did and maybe one day, re-take the throne.