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I respectfully disagree with your analysis:

Claude Poirier's second theory is not valid and you admit it yourself, the attack came from the Montagna camp. Then you kind of lost me when you say in the next paragraph that if the second theory is true ? There is no proof that it is and I say also provide me the proof. With regards to Luppino not having a big family is subjective. Ndrangheta is based on blood ties and alliances made with other families and having marriage ties to the biggest Ndrangheta family in the GTA is proof enough that you don't mess with them. Then you lost me again when you talk about the marriage relation between the Luppino's and the Commisso's and make a distinction with the Violi's. The children from that marriage would make the Violi's cousins.
With regards to permission, Violi's alone would not be strong enough to take out a powerful clan like the Rizzuto's they would need the backing from the GTA and the coup would affect the GTA clans,that is why permission is needed.
In the Vanelli attempted murder, this could of come from other groups including the Rizzuto clan among others, we don't know.
I also don't find it a coincidence that different members from the Rizzuto rival clans visited Hamilton & Toronto Ndrangheta clans.
Why would they be consulting if not for the reason of collusion.
The Ndrangheta promotes expansion, that is why they are based in several countries and I do not see why they would hold back on Montreal. By the same token, I do not see the Sicilian clan go away because they believe in blood ties also and there are plenty living in Montreal and Laval to select new recruits. At the moment the momentum is not with them and there will probably be new people taking control or sharing the proceeds of crime with other OC groups which will include the Ndrangheta.


You seem to have written the above in anger and, as a result, quite possibly in haste.

Some posters get the impression from an earlier post of yours that only you and eurodave are qualified to reliably comment on the goings-on of organized crime in Quebec.

The post I've quoted above seems to be conveying to me and other posters that now we aren't allowed to comment on the goings-on of organized crime in Ontario, despite the fact some of us live in this province.

Giuseppe and Domenico Violi are indeed Rosetta Commisso's nephews. Other than Rosetta Commisso and Domenico Luppino's children, no one related to Rosetta is related to these Violis. Even if Rosetta were a sibling of Cosimo, Remo, and Michele Commisso, these Violis would not be related to the Commisso brothers. (Incidentally, the Commisso brothers' mother, Emilia, died in March 2015. All the obituaries and death notices I have read do not mention any children other than the three aforementioned brothers.)

By your logic, the Commissos would be related to the Rizzutos. But they are not.

I have more to write about the errors in your post, and the only way I can do that is to provide the evidence from a number of books and the odd French-language article. Stay tuned.


Little that you know I still had respect for you up until you wrote that I was angry and in haste. I therefore am removing the word respectfully from my original post that I wrote to you. I do not know why you include Eurodave in a post that I wrote and he had nothing to do with it. Is it you that is angry ?
You can write all the errors you want your analysis is still flawed. You yourself just stated they are nephews. Make up your mind. Your splitting hairs here.
You also make statements having nothing to back it up but yet you want proof from others.
Furthermore this statement of yours "The post I've quoted above seems to be conveying to me and other posters that now we aren't allowed to comment on the goings-on of organized crime in Ontario, despite the fact some of us live in this province."

I stated in an earlier post that there are others on this forum that are also knowledgeable including myself and you. But yet you chose to ignore that.
In my opinion, for making such a statement,your nothing short of a liar and I have lost all respect for you.
Furthermore, eurodave has been nothing but polite with you and I say this on the record. It is you that can't accept other peoples opinions.

It is you that is angry and I think you and I both know why.

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