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It will be interesting who will get clipped next as all these molotovs are pointing in one direction.

How many big names are left?

I don't know if these are considered big names, and I've probably missed a few as well because i'm doing this quickly and off the top of my head.

Rizzuto inner circle
-Leonardo Rizzuto
-Stefano Sollecito
-Giuseppe Sollecito
-Mario Sollecito
-Domenico Manno
-Liborio Manno
-Emanuele Ragusa
-Pat Ragusa
-Luigi Vella (son in law of e. Ragusa/bro. in law to nick jr.)
-Nicola Spagnolo

Others that could still support Rizzuto's
-Francesco Arcadi clan ( Francesco Del Baso, Stefano Arcadi,Giuseppe Torre, Carmelo Cannistraro, Girolamo Del Baso)
-Liborio [BadWord] clan
-Vito Salvaggio (not sure where he fits in with regards to clans/associates, but I think he is a supporter)
-Marco Pizzi (seems like he is being attacked due to his association with the book, which sounds like rizzuto's/sollecito still control.)

Who am I missing?

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