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Say what you want about the usa lcn but i doubt they ever fire bombed a ladys hair salon to strike fear in the wives heads. Crazy low down shit. But usa dont fuck around with arson in federal court they smoke people for it.

My bet is the wife just owned it in name only. I'd be surprised if women were piling in there getting their hair done.

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There's at least enough violence as there was in 2010 with big names getting killed. Maybe they mean it's one sided, or maybe there's an unorganized reorganization taking place and it's still unclear who's going to be out on top, perhaps similar to the years between 2006 and 2010. We'll know more when Arcadi and Del Balso return to the streets.

Agreed. I mean someone like Rocco Sollecito, who was THE BIGGEST Rizzuto player on the street at the time, gets killed at the Mounties think there is no mob war? Doesn't make sense.

And man how long they going to hold Arcadi and Del Balso? They should be getting out any time soon. Anyone heard a date?

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