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Which part they came from is nice to know, but it doesn't really matter like it didn't matter Gotti was a neapolitan and his underboss Gravano a sicilian.

I understand what you mean, but the misinformation about where the past and present Montrealers descend is repeatedly spread through books, articles, blog posts, forums, tweets, etc.

If the D'Amicos, Piccirilli, Franco Mattoso, the Di Maulos, and others have been misidentified as Calabrians and continue to be, then we all have to revisit our theories and, perhaps, look for the nuances in the relationships between two or more mobsters, two or more Italian criminal groups, two or more mafia factions within a criminal group, and two or more mafie.

Bloodlines only went as far as Rizzuto's inner circle.As for the rest, being Sicilian wasn't a prerequisite. All types of Italians were involved. As they say no one's born into LCN, rather made.
The dranghetta is another animal all together for it is based bloodline ( being born one).That's what makes it more tough to crack.

Not true. As seen with the Di Maulo/De Vito/Desjardins connection. Much of the core of that alliance was fueled by intermarriage, thus blood lines.

And I think Antimafia may be on to something. Would be really astonishing if the Cotroni sons in collaboration with the Violi kids, are the "Calabrians" some of these articles are referring to.

It's more than likely a new consortium of factions. Remnants of Mirarchi, Desjardins, Di Maulo, Cotroni and Violi. Perhaps add the Scoppas to the mix.

Still not sure why the RCMP is saying that there's no sign of a mob war. There's at least enough violence as there was in 2010 with big names getting killed. Maybe they mean it's one sided, or maybe there's an unorganized reorganization taking place and it's still unclear who's going to be out on top, perhaps similar to the years between 2006 and 2010. We'll know more when Arcadi and Del Balso return to the streets.

"It was between the brothers Kay -- I had nothing to do with it."