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Once again, French Canadian media and police use terms like Calabrian and Sicilian factions to simplify things and make headlines.

It would be comparable to using Bloods vs Crips or Cali vs Medellin etc....There are various clans in Montreal operating and formerly, the inner circle of the Rizzuto family was in power, so most of those other clans would answer to them. Laurentian and others won't go into that detail when writing an article for the press.

It's easier and more eye-catchy to write Les Siciliens vs Calabrais.

Mirarchi-Desjardins-Di Maulo group was mixed, composing of multiple ethnicities, Calabrian, French, Irish, Sicilians.

Arcuri-Montagna group was also mixed but mostly Sicilian, fighting another Sicilian clan, the Rizzutos

The list goes on

You're right, but we can always ask him to clarify. wink
I wonder if some of the factions are on speaking terms or if some people are trying to get the "Consortium" back in place.

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