Yea, but these Montreal guys, judging from the past, has put more credence into blood lines, and proximities of closeness back in the old country, a lot more than the NY families did post-"Lucianos formation of The Commission" and the years after. They remind me of the construction of the old early 19th century NY families, where the closer you were to their homeland back in Italy, the more trusted you were and more chance you had to rise in the family organization here in America. The Sicilian Rizzuto side I'm assuming always were more close because of the blood line ties, and the dependence on members who hailed from the same towns and its surrounding neighbors back in Italy. I haven't seen enough to suggest that the Calabrians and those not of Sicilian descent don't do the same. Only difference I've seen is that the Calabrians used to be more open and dependent to French Canadian gangsters being amongst them. At least thats what it always seemed like to me.