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I am aware of all those articles. I am more specifically speaking about pizzi that he was hit buy a red. Also that it was common knowledge chenier did not want to work with the Hells. Maybe Hells and gangs are now against Rizzutos.
Yes it would be hard to go after a gang member. How do you firebomb them they don't have anything.

Now that I've read the article, I remember the Depuy thing may have been covered in "Business Or Blood". Interesting how you were disputing the fact that the Reds didn't want to work with the Hells, because he voiced his disagreement with Vito, and Wooley's supposed consolidation with the Rizzutos & the Reds (Syndicates for this matter) relationship with the Hells Angels when this guy has been dead for years. Not saying it still isnt an interesting theory, and because of such I understand more where you come from now, about members within the Reds possibly being upset over his murder. But I still disagree with the overall theory of mob guys being involved in some shit like this. If anything Depuys murder was most likely an internal hit, the hitters just followed command from the new order. Still dont see it likely the Montreal Mafia involves itself in something like that.