I get what youre saying Booster overall, but you can hit an average gang member, I dont know how they are in Canada, but street gangs typically hang around the same turfs and simply dont have the discipline of organized criminals. The higher ranking ones in Canada seem to be cut from a different breed though. What I'm trying to figure out is why you think that because they cant reach a gang member why'd they decide to hit an Italian mobster, from everything I've learned about Canada, the mobsters seem to be of a higher echelon than the average Red or Blue gang member, and use them mostly as low level enforcers and street traffickers. But thats not the point, I'm just trying to understand why they would go after Italian mobsters, because their unable to reach their true target, that being a gang member, especially if this is all a street gang beef at its core. Do Canadian mobsters typically involve themselves in low level affairs between street gangs?

And as history has shown, as recently as Project MASTIF, the Hells typically work with the Rizzuto group. And according to Peter Edwards and "Business Or Blood" Vito established an alliance with Wooley and his former Reds group after Wooley supposedly united his group and some of the leaderless Blues. Things couldve changed though, specifically Wooley who is now recognized as a fully patched Hells member, but MAGOT-MASTIF claimed that Wooley still asserts control over the Reds through his lieutenant, as well as the Blues and that they were aligned with the Rizzuto/Sollecito leadership. I dont know if that still stands now though. But arent Wooley and his lieutenant still incarcerated for the MAGOT-MASTIF charges? Anyone know?

The lieutenant is Dany Sprinces-Cadet, whom allegedly runs the Syndicate street gang and still reports to Woolley supposedly. Another black man was arrested as part of Operation MAGOT-MASTIFF, Jean Winsling Bartheus, but I dont know where he fits into that operation, as this is my first time seeing his name.

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