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I believe This is all related to the Red street gangs. I believe this all revenge for the murders of chenier and Lamartine. The person that was arrested for the Pizzi missed attempt in August was from the reds. Once the three street bosses got arrested one them being Gregory wooley all hell broke loose. I am not convinced this is a Sicilian against calabrian thing. To many intertwined people from both parties.

Interesting theory. But I dont agree with it, too many high profile mob guys have died as a result of all this, Rocco Sollecito, Lorenzo Giordano among them. And pretty much zero street gang casualties. The street gangs specifically the Reds , which I believe is Wooleys group, are connected with the bikers now, and I believe Wooley is now identified more as a Hells Angel, than a Reds leader, I could be wrong. Theres no doubt, at least in my mind, that they may be involved ie. contracted hitters, but I dont believe they're the reason behind all of this. And Im almost sure Operation MAGOT/MASTIF mentioned that one of Wooleys trusted guys now run the Reds, and that he was also indicted along with him. And judging from MASTIF, it seems Wooley and his group, including the Reds were connected with Leonardo Rizzuto & Stefano Sollecito and that the two mentioned were their suppliers.

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