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And Ciment, I could be wrong, but isnt Anti from Canada as well, therefore what you said about people hearing things and researching the Canadian Mafia since the 60s, apply to him as well? Except aside from just word of mouth, he also uses actual RCMP documentation and other forms of documentation to make his posts. And I never doubted or disputed you "following Canadian OC dating back to the 60s", but you aren't the only one, and many of the discussion points, you, Sonny, myself, Cabrini, Euro, Dixie, etc, and theories and news we debate about has come from Anti and his posts, just throwing that out there. And yes, Eurodave, I understand that his post dealt with the past however its still within the discusssion as it goes to show despite what some here believe, Vito did still have allies in Toronto, Ontario which kept these groups from acting out directly against him and his leadership. And as already explained, The Rizzutos were a formidable force, thats undeniable, but as myself and others have said, his leadership skills were obviously one in a million. And his successors simply werent able to be diplomatic in the way he was and couldnt maintain those relationships and bonds, to keep their leadership position in tact and protected after he was extradited and convicted.

Sinatra.... If you read my statement I never said anything negative about anti mafia. So where do you come off saying such a thing. Why do you make such stupid comments ?

Uhm, where'd I say that you said anything negative about him? I simply asked you a question.