You may be right eurodave, it could be over. But it's still too early for me to be as sure as you. They've spilled more blood in the so called second mafia war, but could that be that they are just weathering the storm? Everyone was wondering why they weren't retaliating very much during the first part of the war. So there was a large assumption that they were defeated. In reality they still had the man power and finances in place, but just couldn't. They had to wait for their top guys to get out of prison and analyze the landscape of who all was going after them. So long as Arcadi/Del Baso group and Liborio C's group stay aligned with Rizzuto/Sollecito, I think they still have a chance. Again, they have to wait until Arcadi/Del Baso get out, which will be soon, and have to see what happens with the charges against Leonardo/Sollecito and separate charges with Liborio.