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But like said, it is still very interesting that De Vito's name was on the plaque in the Loreto. I think that is the true factor that confuses everyone on the subject of him being a Rizzuto rival. I'm on the boat that he WAS against Vito, but then again why would his name be on there?

I think it was antimafia who said that he had reason to believe that Rizzuto and De Vito had made amends before the latter's death. I agree that it doesn't seem to make sense, being that there's clear evidence that De Vito conspired against the Rizzutos yet has his name on that plaque. Perhaps he was killed by the Rizzuto group nevertheless or perhaps he was killed by his former allies for making amends with Vito, who knows.

"It was between the brothers Kay -- I had nothing to do with it."