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He was also acknowledged in the Rizzuto owned Loreto funeral home, in a plaque of sorts honoring their dead. So theirs no real indication whom side De Vito was really on.

It is pretty evident that De Vito was a Rizzuto enemy. A documentary about him revealed that he aligned with Montagna and was believed to be behind the disappearance of Renda and the murder of [BadWord].

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Some have suggested that Montreal was a formidable family and extremely powerful...then how can you explain that it took only 2 years for the police force put everyone beyind bars and less than two years for rivals to kill Nick, Nicolo, Agostino, Paolo and friends

The Montreal Mafia as a whole was quite formidable but it was a loose federation of cells that Vito hold together. Under his leadership it mimicked a streamlined organization. But history showed that his family had silent enemies, and when he was sent away his successors weren't able to enact the same kind of authority over all the cells and on top of that messed things up.

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