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Back in 2008, mostly Italian-language articles were published about the Operazione Orso Bruno investigation in Italy that targeted the Montreal Mafia leadership. Bruzzese, because of his close association with Vito Rizzuto, was charged with being a member of Cosa Nostra. On another forum, now essentially defunct, where board poster Hollander and I were members, he posted the odd English-language article about the investigation and Bruzzese's being arrested and charged. Back then, Hollander and I didn't know who Bruzzese was. Nor did we know of the criminal collaboration between the GTA Siderno Group, the Montreal Mafia, the GTA Sicilian drug traffickers like Genua and son Ignazio, and the Commisso clan in Calabria--all of this was revealed after the July 2010 culmination of the antindrangheta operation in Calabria, as the four-volume arrest warrants published two months later mentioned all the names and all the ties.

That also why I said they are all Uomini d'Onore it's not only business relations but also Mafia politics. The wedding anniversary of Paolo C untrera was a good example top guys from both societies were present.