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The troubles for the Rizzuto clan didnt start immediately after Vito was put away. It started after Operation Coliseť, which was in 2006, where most of those guys were put away. And even then, the real instablity within the Montreal Mafia started with the death of Nicolo Jr. in '09. Dont know the reason why Mucci was shot in '07, couldve been involved, but cdn_wiseguy is right, Mucci's attempt was before all the real troubles began.

Your facts are dead wrong. The instability started with the D'amico's (2005) with the kidnappings. It then progressed with the help of Sergio Piccirilli(2006) he was planning to kill N.Rizzuto but never got the green light from Toronto, and then Devito got into the picture, followed by Scoppa. D.Macri gets shot in 2006. Five from the Rizzuto clan get killed in 2007. This is the definition of instability in my books.

Well , for one , i didnt state any "facts", just what I thought. And there's clearly a difference of opinion when it comes to what "instabilty against the Rizzutos" mean. I'm talking about a power grab. Third, according to Lee Lamothe & The Sixth Family, the D'Amico kidnappings wasnt that, if im thinking right and thats the one where they built holding cells in their basement for Arcadi & someone else. That was over money Arcadi supposedly owed, and he referred to the D'Amicos as "cuckolds" and basically refused to pay them back. Outside of visiting the Cosenza social club, the "kidnappings" never got off the ground, again, if im remembering correctly, and things came to a halt, once all men of the Rizzuto leadership, were arrested in the Colisee bust, I will say that the D'Amico stuff was enough for Del Balso and Giordano, two well known Arcadi loyalists, to request armored vehicles and guns. Now we get into post '06, which is even when I said the instability started, your dates merely cosign that. Piccirilli never got the okay from Toronto because the Rizzuto group were still in power and working with Toronto 'Ndrines, De Vito supposedly got involved after the murder of Gervasi, who was angry at the Rizzutos over the death of his son, supposedly. Colisee happens and De Vito goes on the run, he never got a chance to act against the Rizzutos, to the best of my knowledge and he paid for his act of disloyalty. And that De Vito doc that aired in Canada about a year ago, alluded to De Vito being the one who killed Gervasi, as bullets from his gun passed through Gervasi's body, and the fatal shot was from a bullet that came from De Vitos firearm and that the order came from the Rizzuto leadership. He was also acknowledged in the Rizzuto owned Loreto funeral home, in a plaque of sorts honoring their dead. So theirs no real indication whom side De Vito was really on. Hard to call that instability against the Rizzutos to me. I havent seen anything that mentions the Scoppas acting against The Rizzutos either, physically during that timeframe, only thing I did see mentioned was the Scoppa drug pipeline. I didnt see anything about the Scoppas warring for leadership against them , again, during that timeframe. I stated time and time over why I first suspected them to be involved in the recent bloodshed, however. Maybe you can point me in the direction of some stuff which supports what youre saying in this post, in reference to The Scoppa's. I dont know enough about the Macri thing to speak on it, other than that it was also a part of the D'Amico trouble. But again, I already acknowledged '06 as the possible beginning. As cdn_wiseguy mentioned before, there was always instability against these various groups, however, not all of the animosity was always directly aimed at The Rizzutos.

Good analysis Anti, I always appreciate what you have to say on these matters.