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The Italian prosecutors and media seem to always paint the picture as a Siderno Group vs Rizzuto clan when it comes to the last few years.

The article also mentions 14 Locali, which is quite a lot and if true, no wonder they calabrians have the power and influence to do as they wish.

Can someone correct me if I've read that one locale is made up of at least 30-40 members?

Best part in all of this blood and war is our inability to pinpoint one central figure within the GTA who could be the main culprit.

Also, the trail of blood has 99% been within Montreal

The Italian prosecutors seem to be well informed compared to the Canadian RCMP.It was the Italian authorities that informed the RCMP that there were 9 locale in Toronto. Back then most medias & authorities reported there were 3 or 4. Now it seems they have grown to 14 in Canada. It would be interesting to know where the remaining 5 are located. Maybe they established some locale in Montreal ?

14 x 20 members equals almost 300 Ndranghetisti...quite a bit if you ask me.

A few years ago Italian authorities stated that there were approximately 40 members of the 'ndrangheta operating in Ontario divided among 9 clans. If there are now 14 as you say that number would probably have gone up by a few dozen. 300 members seems like an exaggeration just as some people were saying years ago that the Rizzutos had 300 made members while they had no more than 20 (Bonanno) and perhaps another dozen or so members of the Sicilian Mafia. However the Rizzutos did have hundreds of associates, a lange chunk of that comprising of footsoldiers divided among several factions but ultimately answerable to the Rizzutos. I think the Rizzutos total manpower at their height was much bigger than the manpower of the Ontario Calabrians which is why Rizzuto was able to expand into Ontario without much resistance. Times have definitely changed though, no doubt about it.

Nevertheless, I still feel like the power of the 'ndrangheta in Canada is overestimated.

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