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The troubles for the Rizzuto clan didnt start immediately after Vito was put away. It started after Operation Coliseť, which was in 2006, where most of those guys were put away. And even then, the real instablity within the Montreal Mafia started with the death of Nicolo Jr. in '09. Dont know the reason why Mucci was shot in '07, couldve been involved, but cdn_wiseguy is right, Mucci's attempt was before all the real troubles began.

Your facts are dead wrong. The instability started with the D'amico's (2005) with the kidnappings. It then progressed with the help of Sergio Piccirilli(2006) he was planning to kill N.Rizzuto but never got the green light from Toronto, and then Devito got into the picture, followed by Scoppa. D.Macri gets shot in 2006. Five from the Rizzuto clan get killed in 2007. This is the definition of instability in my books.

I think it started with Johnny Bertolo (2005) who was aligned with Desjardins.

Correct Hollander, there was also Mike Lapolla that got killed in Mar. 2005 & Bertolo was in Aug.2005. That is why I said it started in 2005.

I forgot that one that made the Rizzutos pretty nervous about the Haitians.

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