A lot of interesting posts right now of the current situation and who's on who's side. Definitely reminds me of the 2009-2013 portion of the war when nobody really knew who was on what side. It later turned out that there were 2 groups against the Rizzuto's which sounds a lot like what we are seeing again now.

I saw Mucci's name mentioned a few posts ago with regards to playing a part with the old Cotroni group. It's interesting that his name was rarely mentioned in the bloody part of the war, but that one of his closest allies Moreno Gallo sided with the Montagna group, which of course was opposite of the old Cotroni group. I'm confused as to how he would be described... I've read where he was a part of the Cotroni clan, I've also heard that he was a lietenant of Moreno Gallo, or would he have his own clan?

It's been said before, but Arcadi and Del Baso could hold the balance of power. Not to say they would be able to take over, but they could make a deal with one of the groups to put one group solidly in front.

Does anyone have information on the following?
- Are Stefano Sollecito's 2 brothers involved in the mafia?
- Are Pietrantonio or the Arcuri brothers back involved? They were big pieces of Montagna's group