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Yes you are correct,the Rizzuto clan received heavy casualties prior to his release & that is why some journalist thought it was the end; but much to everybody's surprise Vito Rizzuto made a comeback. Now that he is deceased I do not see anyone in the Rizzuto clan that could mount a second counter attack unless they receive help from outside sources. Arcadi does not have the same leadership capabilities that Vito had,as matter of fact he made things worse when he was in charge.

That's my point as well. I just think it's "too early" to post the Rizzuto's obituary.

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I do not know if the Rizzuto clan will be ready to stop fighting. You have the likes of Liborio Cun trera, Leonardo Rizzuto, Calogero Renda, Stefano Solecito, Nicola Spagnolo & more;may want to avenge their father's deaths. There has been too much blood spilled.

Agreed and that's why I think they will continue the fighting. I just don't see all of them laying down.

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You never know. People doubted Leonardo and his comparisons to Michael Corleone (his involvement) up until the day of the project MASTIF-MAGOT busts, then everybody was like "oh wow, no way". He could pull a Michael Corleone forreal and stage a miraculous comeback and save the family name. Highly unlikely, but one can dream.

I'm still eating crow on that one. I knew he was "involved" but I never thought he was in it deep enough to be the boss (or share it) at least to the point that the others would follow without trying to kill him.

Like you say though and I agree on, their comeback chances are against them but I'm not counting them out until they are dead or I am one lol