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Great article Cement!

Daniel seems to always bring great knowledge and perspective.

I wish he would of mentioned those 2-3 leaders lol!

I have a feeling Scoppa is one of them

Yes, I hate when they do not mention names. For who is left in Montreal to assume a leadership role, I agree the Scoppa clan would be one of them, the other might be the Cotroni clan which would include Vanelli,Mirarchi,Cotroni's. The third clan is what puzzles me,there is the DeVito clan ? I can't see the Sicilian clan going away, they seem to have it against the Rizzuto's loyalists only. Will the Sicilian clan be transformed under a new leadership with the help of the Caruana/Cun trera ? Then if we look outside of Montreal, there is the Ontario Ndrangheta that will want to plant their flag in Montreal as well. It will be an interesting year(2017).