"The reign of the Rizzuto and the Sicilians is over ...
"The reign of Rizzuto and Sicilians is over in Montreal" - journalist Daniel Renaud
Published by Jacques Thériault for 98.5 fm on Wednesday December 28, 2016 at 19h34.

Funeral of Vito Rizzuto on December 30, 2013 / PC - Graham Hughes, archive

(98.5 FM) - Since the beginning of the year 2016, the Montreal Police Department (SPVM) has counted 13 arson attacks, don 12 since September, linked to clan wars within the Mafia.

Journalist Daniel Renaud, a criminal affairs specialist with the daily La Presse, spoke with Marie-Claude Lavallée on Le Québec now on Wednesday afternoon.

"It is clear that this expresses a renewed tensions within the mafia," said Daniel Renaud. The mafia has been shaken by internal conflicts for several years, and it continues, that's what it means. "

Since the death of the Sicilian godfather Vito Rizzuto three years ago, confusion seems to prevail among the various clans for the conquest of power. According to Daniel Renaud, none of the leaders of clans currently stands out to be identified as the real leader of the criminal organization.

"We have people who are leaders of influential or important clans who struggle," he says. The SPVM evaluates that it is a fight with two clans. They are opponents of the Rizzuto, to show to the Rizzuto, but also to the Sicilians that their reign is finished. "

On the other hand, Renaud believes that there could be more than two clans in the war within the Mafia. The SPVM would lose a bit of conjecture, since the names of two or three chiefs are currently circulating

"One thing that everyone agrees is that the rule of the Rizzuto and Sicilians is over in Montreal," says Daniel Renaud. It is the end of an era; The Sollecito family who had taken over from Rizzoto no longer had much strength. It is a predominantly Calabrian Italian organized crime that will eventually settle in Montreal. "

Since several chiefs of clans are subject to police surveillance, the situation remains unclear as to which leader is likely to emerge.

According to Daniel Renaud, whoever takes control will have no choice but to deal with other criminal organizations in Quebec, including the Hell's Angels; It was Vito Rizzuto's way of doing things.

"He will not have a choice," says Renaud. The officials of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) told us recently; The biggest criminal organization now, is the Hell's Angels. The future head of the Mafia will have no choice but to continue to do business with them in order to remain in office. "