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"Planned mass in Italy for reputed Montreal mobster is scrapped after outcry"


This last part of the Canadian Press article seems to contain erroneous information:

A retired Montreal police investigator familiar with the Mafia told The Canadian Press Sollecito was Vito Rizzuto’s “right-hand man” and was blamed by some in the Rizzuto clan for not doing enough to protect the family when Vito was in prison.

Sollecito reportedly had been making money on his own and had fallen out with the Rizzutos.

Someone seems to be confused with either Di Maulo or Arcadi. Note that it was rumored on the old RD forum that Arcadi had fallen out of favor because he had been making deals on his own. Then again, people can easily spread false rumors on the internet.

Whatever the case, what this article states about Sollecito doesn't make sense.

"It was between the brothers Kay -- I had nothing to do with it."