If this was a 'ndrangheta organized take-over from the get-go it seems that they had enough respect (or fear) for Vito Rizzuto to allow him reclaim what was his and let him have his revenge... A little peculiar isn't it?

I can only imagine how that meeting in Toronto between Vito Rizzuto, the Calabrians and reps from NewYork went on. Obviously they struck some kind of a peace agreement in which Rizzuto was given carte blanche to kill his enemies, at least in Montreal. I state this because between his return and sudden death basically all victims were known enemies and there was no retaliation at the time. Yet I wonder why they didn't just kill him and be done with it. Cut the head of the snake so to speak. The most logical explanation is respect or fear or a combination. Ofcourse everyone also knew Rizzuto was the only one still alive who had proven to be capable to lead and bring stability among the factions. Perhaps it was only a practical decision given that the coup at the time had failed and had only created more turmoil.

"It was between the brothers Kay -- I had nothing to do with it."