I remember that Alfonso Caruana of the C.untrera-Caruana clan was arrested back in 1998 in Woodbridge outside of Toronto and he apparently lived there. Are there quite a bit of mobbed-up Sicilians in Toronto as well? I wonder if the C.untrera-Caruanas had a lot of connections in Toronto and, if so, they must've lost a lot of power for Agostino C.untrera (who lived in Montreal) to be killed back in 2010. Either that, or they still had their power but the rival faction to the Rizzutos still wanted them taken out so they could takeover.

Also, how powerful was Alfonso Caruana? The media has made him out to be this huge Godfather, but that might've just been hype. He's in Italy serving time now if I'm not mistaken?

So many unanswered questions, but I'm beginning to think that the Rizzutos were not structured anything like the NY families and were more like the families in Sicily or even more like the drug cartels like Sinaloa, meaning more of a looser federation of different groups and interests as opposed to a structured, hierarchical organization... but I could be wrong.

"It wasn't very good parsley to begin with, and then the cat went and peed on it." -Sicilian proverb