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So i would imagine frank cotronis sons were inducted into the bonanno family when frank sr was still the capo during the 90tys even thou the rizzutos had the power. Are the controni kids made men? I would think the pops probaly asked massino and did the inductions themselves up there.

Francesco was an important figure in the organisation so that he was made in the 90s makes sense.

Francesco was in charge of his father's drug network. He travelled to Columbia in February, 1995 and met with Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela and Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela, the heads of the Cali Cartel. They met at Miguel's posh home and discussed setting up a major cocaine pipeline from Columbia to Canada. Francesco was also seen meeting major drug traffickers at the Villa Sorrento hotel in Mexico, which is co-owned by his father. He would run the network until Frank Sr. was released from jail on September 28, 1995.