It seems the Gambino's have contacts with specific Ndrangheta clans both in NYC, Toronto and Italy.

Certain Italian indictments revealed that Ndrangheta clans have been supplying Cosa Nostra clans for a few years, dividing their turf and supply routes by either selling narcotics to eastern sicilian or western sicilian clans. I had read the Aquino-Coluccio and Commisso-Crupi's divide sicily by shipping either towards Catania or Palermo, the two biggest hubs for cocaine consumption and cosa nostra strongholds.

These relationships have been exposed, to a certain extent, by New Bridge and other elements of American ndrangheta building relationships with the American LCN. The role the Rizzuto clan and the CC clan has been somewhat replaced by stronger ndrangheta families with solid south american contacts. This isn't to say that cosa nostra clans aren't importing their own blow, but it seems the calabrians have solid supply routes at the moment.

This could also explain the recent turmoil in Canada, which is in a current state of war and renewal. The Calabrians want the market, they want revenge and they have power to do it.

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