I got a question guys, what exact role did Salvatore Catalano play, in regards, wait, let me rephrase...

Where did he stand in terms of;

1. His role within the Bonnano family? I know he was a capo, but in Sixth Family, they said he stayed to himself and just concerned himself with moving Sicilian mafia heroin. Yet he was important enough that he almost made boss of the family. I'm assuming this was a Sicilian mafia initiative? Them trying to get THIER MAN in a top spot in New York. To go with their operatives in South America, Sicily, and Montreal. I can't see the American guys having sponsored that decision.

2. What was his role in relation to John Gambino?
I ask cause I could never get a handle on WHO was in charge of the Pizza connection.
Having asked that question, I suspect Gambino oversaw the American end of the ENTIRE OPERATION, ( importation, distribution, AND laundering the money) while Catalano was in charge of distribution in NY?
Or was it, Bonnanos distribute in Brooklyn, and the Gambinos had Jersey? But they both were operating in Queens right? Did they split it?

I think John Gambino handled a separate operation, but was SUPPLIED by the same source in Sicily as the Bonnanos. I think the Bonnano dope came through the Caruana-[BadWord]-ras, through the Rizzutos, whereas the Gambinos dope went direct to the Cherry Hill crew, who were moving shit DIRECT for the Palermo clans. Whereas the Rizzuto groups loyalty was to Agrigento, and their allies?

(This excerpt)

The investigation only looked at the years 1978-85, and the figures proved to be conservative. Subsequent evidence revealed that the investigators had missed a lot of what was going on. In 1992 pentito Gaspare Mutolo, Cosa Nostra's contact with Thai traffickers, disclosed massive heroin transports at the start of the 1980s. In 1981, Mutolo organized a 400 kilo shipment to the US. The [BadWord]-Caruana clan received half of the load, while John Gambino's crew took care of the other 200 kilos. When the money of the first deal came back, Mutolo immediately started to arrange another similar transport. (57)


3. Any info on how the Gambino relationship with Toronto works present day would be greatly appreciated..